Last night of training at Roger Gracie Academy – Vienna, Austria

Wow, what can I say…It has been an amazing week of training at Professor Orlando Neto’s Academy here in Vienna, Austria.

I have been training twice a day, everyday since I stumbled upon the gym on Sunday and was really getting to be sore and exhausted (yet…still super excited to get another chance to train with these awesome peeps!).

That time Professor Neto made us do Barrel walks...even though I have bad shoulders .. *moan*

That time Professor Neto made us do Barrel walks…even though I have bad shoulders .. *moan* P.S. Patrick thinks my misery is funny… hahaha!

As it turns out, Friday is an “open mat / ask the Professor” style format so every body was in a really relaxed mood and rolling in whatever style they felt like rolling. Some peeps were rolling hard…getting in that “last roll of the week”, others where being more playful and trying out new techniques…still others were just asking the Professor for instruction. Professor Neto is excellent at being there and being attentive for everybody on the mat!

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In the morning class I had a super-technical roll with a gal named Stephanie for, like, 40 minutes. We agreed early on to just flow and work technique, but in this case it actually WORKED! We just kept rolling and rolling. The bell rang and we would just keep on rolling. Admittedly, I am way stronger than her,but that is the point of flow rolling anyway…isn’t it?

Honestly, I feel like it really helped to shape the week of training for me. I had been training hard, everyday, to just try and get my fitness level where it needs to be in order to be able to “think” Jiu-Jitsu and “Do” Jiu-Jitsu and a couple hours of flow-rolling was exactly what my mind needed to get back to thinking in “Jiu-Jitsu” again!

Stephanie sinks that Armbar!!

Stephanie sinks that Armbar!!

After class I went home (the AirBnB that passes for home) and had a sensible lunch of Ham and cheese sandwich and water (schinken und kase – in Deutsch 🙂 ), showered and got prepped for the evening class (not in that order: Shower first…always shower first!) fortunately, I wear the YoloBJJ “Voyager” ultralight travel kimono, which dries in like, an hour (in the driest, hottest conditions) and is always ready for the next training session!

I was fortunate enough to get Professor Neto to sit down for a few minutes and answer some questions about his past and how he came to be here in Vienna:

After our sit-down, I got into rolling and had the chance to do another technical – themed flow-roll with a gal named Ahn and then it got heated!!

Four-striped Blue, Patrick and I got into a heated Spider-guard battle! He would grip my sleeves and get his left foot on my hip, and I would tuck my elbows,base down and try to free that foot off of my hips / the grips on my sleeves. After six minutes…I just could’t manage to clear those spider feet! I mean, I didn’t get swept or anything but I definitely need to work on clearing those spider feet!

Patrick puts that Damned foot on my hip!

Patrick puts that Damned foot on my hip!


I also had great rolls with Fabian and Hassan (both blue belts with a LOT of game). These young guys are the BJJ STUD type guys I mentioned before (in this article). I’ll admit, I don’t have the youth and athleticism these guys do…so, just being able to hang with them ( i.e. not getting tapped out like a newbie) was helping me to realize that my “Jiu-Jitsu thinking” was coming back to me, as well as my fitness level.

Hassan just LOVES rolling with me!

Hassan just LOVES rolling with me!

In the end, I got tapped over and over 🙂 but I also picked Professor Orlando’s brain on how to hold deep-half when your opponent back-steps (a problem that has plaguing me since Rio last year…I’ll do a technique video once I work it out!)

After a total of five hours of rolling that day, it was time to see an end to my time in Vienna!

Professor Neto gives me details on holding that Deep-Half!

Professor Neto gives me details on holding that Deep-Half!

I really had an amazing experience here in Vienna! It is no wonder to me why Professor Neto’s school is growing so fast, the hard training and family atmosphere here is EXACTLY what everyone wants in an academy! I wish Professor Neto and family the best going forward and until I see them again T’chus!!!

Next up is two weeks in Salzburg, Austria before heading off to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (we’ll see ho the training goes during that spread!)

Until then…Osss! and good training!

3 thoughts on “Last night of training at Roger Gracie Academy – Vienna, Austria

  1. Simon

    Hey there

    I saw you had a lot of fun with my professor and team mates from Roger Gracie Austria in Vienna.
    I am in Malaysia right now and visiting penang in a couple of days. I saw you visited budo Academy there. I would like to go there as well but can’t find some contact information. Maybe you can hook me up with an email or some WhatsApp number to contact the bjj guys there. My phone got only data so I can’t call anybody I am not on fb either

    Perhaps you could send me a short mail with some info


    1. yolosalesllc@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Simon, good to hear from you! So, we need some contact info for Budo Academy: E-mail or whatsapp, not FB? Okay, got it. Let me do some messaging and see what I can come up with! I will shoot you an e-mail at your gmail account as soon as I get the info! Oss!!!

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