Float Indigo – The first float tank on the Soi Ta Ied.

I’ve been back in Phuket Thailand for a week after having spent a month in Bali training with the guys at Synergy MMA/BJJ and have been hitting the mats pretty hard since I got here.

After five days and 8 Gi classes! My brain was starting to think in “Jiu-Jitsu” again, you know when you stop rolling over in bed and instead hip escape to the other side or, instead of throwing off the blankets, you hook your butterfly in and “sweep” the blanket over 🙂 I love that feeling!

Float Indigo sits right off the roadside on the Soi Ta Ied. You can't miss it!

Float Indigo sits right off the roadside on the Soi Ta Ied. You can’t miss it!

Unfortunately, my body was also starting to remember what consecutive, hard training sessions can do to you. I was back on my daily Naproxen regimen and was looking forward to the weekend break when I spotted the brand new “Float Indigo” sign just up the street from Phuket Top Team gym.

I walked over and asked about pricing and, being told about their current special of one hour for 1000 bht (about $30 US) I went ahead and made a reservation for Saturday at 11:00 am. I have never done a float tank before (outside of a body fat calculation once 🙂 ) but have been super curious about them for some time. I have heard they can be super relaxing both physically and mentally so I was excited to give it a try.

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I showed up about five minutes early and filled out some simple paperwork (standard disclaimer) and then I got an introduction to how it is done.

The Pre-Float

The float tank is in it’s own room and I was given a pair of earplugs, a small face towel (in case I got salt in my eyes) and some petroleum jelly to smear over any scratches or cuts I might have (I have so many micro-abrasions from Jiu-Jitsu that I didn’t even bother).

There is also a drawer with a lock (you take the key into the tank with you) that you can put your valuables in. They gave me a clean towel and showed me to the shower room where I showered and washed my hair with the provided shampoo / body gel. Once I got in the tank I signaled with a push button mounted inside the tank and the staff came in and turned out the room light and set a one-hour timer.

Note the lockable drawer for your allet / valuables. You take the key inside the tank with you :-)

Note the lockable drawer for your wallet / valuables. You take the key inside the tank with you 🙂

BTW… float attire is entirely your choice. While I am told that some places require a bathing suit, Float Indigo allows the user their choice of attire, or none at all. Hey, what is sensory deprivation if there is a waistband nagging at you for an hour? I did my float Au natural. 🙂

About the Float

Once inside and the hatch closes it is completely dark. It’s the kind of dark that your eyes just can’t adjust to. The water is about ten inches deep and saturated with Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salts) – about 60 lbs of it. It is super-buoyant, but not so much that you lose your sense of balance.

Once you’ve lied down inside and stretched your arms and legs out, everything begins to take on a bit of a surreal feeling. The water, which at first seems a bit warm, begins to disappear. What I mean is, after a couple minutes I couldn’t tell where the water was touching my skin. My eyes quit trying to adjust and focus on something they were never going to see and I saw a minute or so of geometric “hallucinations” as my eyes/brain were trying to make sense out of the darkness.

Heading in for my very first float!

Heading in for my very first float!

A few minutes later and most everything had stopped registering except for the sound of my breathing. I’m one of those people who have a “chatter brain” and so I kept trying to drown it out by focusing on the sound of my breathing. I really couldn’t say how long it took to get past the constant thought processes going on in my brain, but I am guessing it was around 40 minutes (?).

I’m told that this is very normal and that the more often you float, the faster your brain will calm down and get into that “Delta” zone which, I am told, is the goal. I won’t go into detail on what the entire psychological effect was – I am told it varies for everyone, but I will say that I came out feeling VERY relaxed. It was around noon when I finished my float and I was almost ‘sleepy’ but not actually, just super-relaxed. I finished the day with an authentic Thai massage down the street and was totally ready for the long grind coming up on Monday!

I guess this says it all!

I guess this says it all!

BTW…I spoke with the guys who run “Float Indigo” and they agreed to give readers of this blog the same “slow season special” that I got…except, you can get it anytime! Just mention the “YoloBJJ 1000” and get your first hour long float for just 1000 Bht (around $30 U.S.).

In the meantime, check them out on Facebook Here: Float Indigo

And / Or their website here: www.floatindigo.com

Until next time!

Oss and good training!



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